Dressage horses for sale Dressuurpaarden te koop


Longeercirkel dressage horses

There is a inner hall of 20 x 60 meters, two outside courts of 20 x 60 and 20 x 40 meters with a fantastic bottom.
Moreover there is a super safe training mill, a paddock and sufficient meadow available.

The horses get besides their daily work more than sufficient execise.


-> 35 stables for the horses
-> Inner Hall 20 x 60 meters
-> Outer Court 20 x 60 meters
-> Outer Court 20 x 40 meters
-> Covered tredmill.
-> Meadow
-> Paddock
-> Heated stables

As a result of the tremendous demand for young horses with FEI qualification we have expanded.

Shortly a new inner hall will be built here for the dressage horses. All provisions are also available here such as a large meadow, a tredmill, longeercirkel, solarium, and a outer court.



Paddock for the horses in Mierlo




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The dressage stables in Holland, our accomodation for our dressage horses.
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