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I recently returned to riding after a break of twenty years. The only riding I had done, since my thirties,  was a gentle hack once or twice a year either out of boredom or to help friends out. However, my family are now grown up and have families of their own and I decided to start riding again.My aim was to forget all that foolish stuff of years gone bye and concentrate my efforts on the much more sensible pastime (For a man of my age) of dressage.I foolishly imagined that I, Superman, horserider of the century, exceptionally talented person that I am, would simply throw my leg back over and within a week or two be riding with such skill and dexterity that I would amaze my instructor with my talent, even cross-country courses would again be tackled with more ease than ever before. Think again!

Before purchasing my new horse I would take a couple of lessons, just to brush up on the odd thing or two I was bound to be rusty at. Bang, welcome to reality. After my first lesson, my ego had taken such a severe beating, I felt robbed, humiliated, useless. In my twenties, I was glued to the saddle, nothing short of nuclear detonation could have unseated me, now I was perched precariously on this wriggling, rattling equine mystery, whose only purpose seemed to be to confuse and humiliate me. Communication-none, collection-none, marks out of ten-none.Thanks entirely to me the entire lesson was a complete fiasco. What made it worse than starting from scratch was the fact that a complete beginner knows nothing, accepts this and proceeds to learn. I on the other hand, knew exactly  what I was meant to be doing, thought I was doing it, but getting no response.The poor horse must have thought some lunatic had escaped from the local asylum and wandered into the yard accidentally.

I left the yard still trying to come to terms with my new found, painful, harsh, crushing reality. I had already decided that quiting was not an option. I was determined to ride again and ride well . Luckily, I am blessed with stupidity and having made my mind up to do something I see it through. Over the following two or three weeks my seat returned and after four lessons I began riding my friend's Irish Sports Horse a  very forward going enthusiastic boy of ten. This helped enormously. As my riding  fitness returned I had a quality horse to ride and the understanding and expertise of my instructor to help me. 

As my confidence in my ability returned I enjoyed each ride more and more. I have had to come to terms with being fifty three, still feeling twenty three, and any thoughts of cross country have only occasionaly drifted in and out of my mind. I will pursue dressage now with a much more balanced view. Each step along the way will be enjoyed for itself and seen as a valuable lesson within itself. I am again enjoying my riding and have regained some of my self esteem, however, if there's one thing I do remember from long ago it's that our little equine friends are experts at reminding us not to be too cocky.

The road to success will be a long one with many setbacks, no doubt, but each journey begins with the first step. It brings back lots of happy memories when I smell the stables, sit in the saddle at the start of each ride, settle in and work towards that unity, that oneness, the sense of it just being right,  that I once took for granted and which I was so harshly reminded no longer existed and I am determined that more happy memories will be created in future.

There's something about horses that make you a better person. Perhaps it's just the fact that they're so honest, there are no egos involved. Perhaps it's because they remind us that whatever your job, your title, your standing in the human world, up here it's just you and me buddy and we're equals, take it or leave it. It's just you and me, and it takes two to tango. Finding your balance is more than just riding properly, finding your seat. I think horses make you a better, a more balanced person. I certainly hope so. I'll work away until I achieve my dream and hopefully I'll learn more than just how to ride again. I'm sure our friends will see to that. 

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