Dressage horses for sale Dressuurpaarden te koop


When you visit Holland, you will stay in a nice hotel from which you will visit several stables per day. We will arrange all of your appointments and bring you to our stables. When you have found the horse that you are looking for, we will make sure the horse gets a vet check and is transported comfortably.

No paperwork to worry about for you!

Hotel Mierlo

If you might have the opportunity to do some shopping, then we may advise you to visit the nearby cities of Breda and/or Eindhoven.

After your visit at our stable you maybe will find the time to see the city of Rotterdam. This city offers more than enough possibilities to spend an enjoyable day. Rotterdam offers many good hotels where we can make a reservation for you.

You can also book your hotel at Hotel City Centre, click on one of the links for a booking in Rotterdam of Eindhoven.

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Hotels for our customers who want to buy dressage horses.
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