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Horses worldwideKLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) was the first company ever that transported animals by aircraft and that is already 80 years ago. KLM has developed into one of the best and biggest global transporters of animals. Dogs, cats, horses or tropical fishes and even lions and rhinoceroses are in good hands and you may be sure that optimum care is taken of all animals that are transported by KLM Cargo.


Export horsesThe KLM Cargo hotel for dressage horses at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the biggest and the most modern hotel for horses. It has been specially designed for the temporary stay and taking care of horses that are transported by KLM Cargo.

This hotel for horses is the only one in the world that is run by an airline company. All horses are offered the possibility to eat, drink and relax while preparations for the flight are made. In comfortable surroundings well qualified animal care takers are looking after the horses. The hotel for horses is open for 24 hours a day.


Import dressage horsesKLM Cargo transports more than 5000 horses all over the world a year. This concerns for instance horses that are bought in the Netherlands and are going to their new owners in the USA. Before horses are allowed to get on board of a plane, they are placed in a for them specially developed "export horse stable".

This safeguards the horses from hurting themselves during the voyage and it provides the caretakers with the necessary facilities to take good care of the horses that are on board of the plane. In order to secure the safety of the horses special loading platforms have been developed to get them easily on and off the plane. The stables are provided with non-skid floors so that the horses can stand up firmly. Sharp edges and other obstacles have been covered.

Import horses & export horsesAll transports of horses are always accompanied by at least one attendant of KLM Cargo and a number of grooms. These are people who are well known by the horses for instance the owner, a horseman or woman, a caretaker or a veterinary surgeon. Naturally the horses get adequate amounts of water and hay during the flight.


Import horses and export horses.

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Transport of our dressage horses from us to you. We import horses and we export horses.
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